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Borneo Family Adventure

Destinasjoner : Malaysia
Aktivitets nivå : Familieturer - Kultur & Tema reiser (standard) - Villmarks opplevelser
Turkode : TMFG
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Travel to Borneo on a Family Adventure tour through the highlights of this incredible region. Embark on a magical journey to explore the natural wonders of tropical Sabah. Learn how orphaned orangutans are rehabilitated back into the wild, swim among colourful fish and spot wildlife in Borneo's steamy jungles. Along the way, make friends with local villagers, try delicious cuisine and enjoy plenty of time to kick back and relax. Round up the family and jump onboard this excellent adventure into the heart of Borneo.

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Kota Kinabalu

Selamat datang! Welcome to Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is an intriguing city located between the Borneo jungle and the South China Sea. Having survived World War II bombings, 'KK' (as it's commonly known) has a charm that can only be found in a frontier town. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm. If you arrive early, you can immerse yourself in history at the Sabah State Museum, visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village, once home to a notorious head hunter, or explore the islands off Kota Kinabalu which are excellent for swimming or snorkelling.

Kinabalu National Park

Head for the beautiful Kinabalu National Park. Stretch your legs and take in the mountain views on any of the numerous walking trails. As you walk along, keep a close eye on the sky and on the trees, as there are many exotic birds to spot – mountain serpent-eagle, Dulit frogmouth and bare-headed laughingthrushes among them. It's also important to keep an eye on the ground for snakes, and you might encounter a leech or two. There's plenty to see and do in this World Heritage-listed park. The Botanical Garden is an excellent showcase of the diverse plant life on the mountain, and flora from all over the park has been replanted here. This afternoon is free for you to relax.

Kinabatangan Eco Camp

Travel by private bus to Batu Puteh, a small village on the banks of the Kinabatangan River (approximately 5 hours). Your hosts for the next two nights are the local community run conservation organization KOPEL whose aim is to provide villagers with the means of making a sustainable living from the forest. KOPEL are responsible for a reforestation project in which the community are actively involved in growing seedlings and replanting back degraded forested areas. In doing so, they are helping to restore forest corridors and increase the forest habitat for wildlife in the Lower Kinabatangan Region. To date KOPEL has restored more than 1000 hectares with over 350,000 trees. KOPEL also work on a number of other resource conservation projects with the local fishermen and farmers in the area. It should be noted that although the homestay hosts and guides do receive ongoing training from KOPEL they are primarily fishermen and farmers first and tourism is a supplementary income. Not all speak English fluently but your group leader will help with translations and also give you a fun language sheet that will help you get by and have fun with your local hosts. After learning about forest rehabilitation, head by boat into the jungle (approximately 30 minutes) and stay by the beautiful oxbow lake. You should be able to glimpse crocodiles, macaques, wild orangutan and the freaky-looking proboscis monkeys. You'll pack an overnight bag for the jungle camp and leave your main luggage at the KOPEL office. Stay in the jungle in a simple hut with basic facilities and cold bathing. Mosquito nets are provided. Lighting is provided by a combination of car battery and solar power. A torch, insect repellent and rain jacket are essential. Later we will make a trip along the river in a boat to look for wildlife. As it gets dark we head out on foot looking for creepy crawlies and other nocturnal animals such as civets and tarsiers. Later settle in for a night as the cicadas sing you to sleep

Sepilok Orangutan Reserve

After breakfast, jump into the minivan and travel to Sepilok (approximately 2 hours). On the way you will pay a visit to the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a protected forest reserve inhabited by several groups of these intriguing primates. It's a chance to get up close to the amazing bachelor proboscis lazing around and feeding – an experience that can only be found in Borneo. Watch with awe as these gracious creatures jump from tree to tree and sometimes come down to munch on young leaves and plants. Later we transfer to Sepilok for the night Here you will have some free time to kick back at your guesthouse and relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.


Today you will visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre that was set up to help reintroduce these animals into the wild after they have been domesticated or orphaned. To aid with adaptation, a supplementary diet of bananas and milk is laid out on feeding platforms twice a day. Watch and photograph these charming creatures as they swing into view on ropes and vines. Human contact must be kept to a minimum, and your leader will brief you on the park's strict regulations. There's also a short film about the orangutan rehabilitation process to watch in the reserve's interpretation centre. Today you will also have the option to visit the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (at additional cost). This is a wonderful new centre taking care of rescued Sun Bears that have spent many years mistreated and locked away in cages. There is plenty of time for an optional visit to see these very cute bears. A laundry service is available at the guesthouse tonight.

Pulau Tiga National Park

Today you will transfer to Sandakan airport and fly to Kota Kinabalu (approximately 1 hour). Keep in mind that the luggage allowance for this flight is only 15 kg, and any excess baggage may incur a further charge. Then drive to Kuala Penyu (approximately 2.5 hours). From there you will travel by speedboat (approximately 30 minutes) to your secluded, rustic hideaway on Pulau Tiga. Pulau Tiga played host to the first ever series of Survivor, the American television program, in 2000 and has jungle trails and mud volcanoes as well as white sand beaches. Your flight departs in the morning, and your boat to Survivor Island leaves in the afternoon. This means there is plenty of time to allow for delays, but also means a long day of travelling. Accommodation for the next 2 nights is in basic chalets but the natural surroundings make up for the simple standard. Later your leader can take you for a walk through the jungle to visit one of the mud volcanos and wallow in the mud like a buffalo before walking back to the sea to rinse off – guaranteed to take years off!


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