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Trans-Mongolian Experience

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Destinasjoner : Russland
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Looking for a journey that combines epic train travel with immersive local experiences? Come on board for an adventure through three nations – Russia, Mongolia and China – via the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the Trans-Mongolian Railroad. This 20-day transcontinental odyssey takes you from the opulence of Moscow and St Petersburg to the grace of imperial Beijing. Travel along the most famous railway in the world through the heartland of Siberia and to the vast steppes of Mongolia, discovering classical Russian architecture in Irkutsk and rugged natural beauty in Lake Baikal along the way. With traditional accommodation, authentic local experiences and insider knowledge, this tour showcases overland travel at its best.

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St Petersburg

Zdrastvutye! Welcome to Russia. Your adventure begins with an important welcome meeting at 6 pm. Truly one of Europe's finest cities – baroque European architecture combined with the opulent palaces of Russian royalty – St Petersburg was built by the Russian tsar Peter the Great and his legacy will clearly be felt as you explore its mysterious streets and visit its renowned palaces and museums.

St Petersburg / Moscow

Take a free morning in St Petersburg to explore what you may have missed in the previous couple of days, then in the early afternoon, take a high-speed train to Moscow (approximately 4 hours). You’ll then get on Moscow’s famed metro system to your hotel and arrive by early evening. Then, the night is all yours. Perhaps check out Red Square flooded in lights, or wander Arbat street – one of the mostly lively, interesting and oldest surviving streets in Moscow. If you missed the ballet or the opera in St Petersburg, why not check out a show here? If this interests you, it is highly recommended to book well in advance to secure a ticket.


The great city of Moscow has survived centuries of revolution and seen Russia through some of its most turbulent years, all the way from the days of the tsars. This morning, head to iconic Red Square with a local guide. This beautiful cobbled city square is framed by St Basil’s Cathedral, the opulent GUM Department store, the imposing walls of the Kremlin and the fairy-tale building of the State Historical Museum. You’ll also visit Lenin’s Mausoleum with your group. Lenin was the initiator of the 1917 Russian revolution which ushered in the era of communism. The afternoon is free for you to continue to explore Russia’s capital. Perhaps you could step inside the colourful St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square. Legend has it that tsar, Ivan the Terrible, had the two architects blinded so that they couldn't build anything as beautiful. Alternatively, relive the nation's turbulent past at Victory Park, travel back to the beginnings of Russian art at the Tretyakov Gallery or do some souvenir shopping at the Izmailovo Markets. The best part is, it’s all up to you.


Take a private vehicle in the morning from Moscow to Pereslavl Zalessky (approximately 3 hours). Visit the colourful Goritsky Monastery, which sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Pleshcheevo. Take a walk in the downtown and visit its local red square and ramparts, which date back to the 12th century. Later in the afternoon, continue your travel towards Siberia to the town of Yaroslavl, situated on the Volga River.

Trans-Siberian Railway

Take some free time in Yaroslavl to walk along the Volga River and hop on the riverside tram, visit the Monastery of Transfiguration of the Saviour, the Annunciation Cathedral or the history museum. Spend some time today, also, to stock up on supplies for your mighty Trans-Siberian train journey. There is a dining cart on-board, however if there are specific things that you’d like, it is best to make sure you’ve got snacks and drinks for the long journey. Later in the afternoon, board your train for an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be passing through vast stretches of Russia’s countryside, and reliving the idea of slow travel – so get ready to sit back and relax on one of the most famous train journeys in the world.

Lake Baikal

Your long rail journey finally brings you to the Siberian city of Irkutsk, and the gateway to Lake Baikal – the deepest and largest lake (by volume) in the world. On arrival, stop for breakfast before driving to your lakeside village by private minivan (approximately 2 hours). Bolshoye Goloustnoye sits in the delta of the Goloustnoye River, on the western edge of Lake Baikal. Here you’ll be hosted by some of the kindest and most hospitable people around – local Buryat (the ethnic group of the Lake Baikal area) friends in their guesthouse and home. Situated right in the centre of the village, you'll certainly get to experience typical Russian rural life here. Slough away the grit of your long train journey in the family's backyard banya – the Russian version of a sauna. Locals swear by the cleansing, healing and meditative properties of having a steam and a wash in the banya, and it can also be quite the social occasion! Make sure to avail yourself of some birch twigs and slap yourself (and others!) over the shoulders for a traditional Siberian 'massage' to get the true banya experience.


Return to Irkutsk today (approximately 2 hours). Once a boom town of exiles and gold merchants, Irkutsk suffered under a regime that brought Soviet architecture and communist propaganda to its streets. Fortunately, the sophisticated atmosphere it once offered is not totally lost, and Irkutsk remains a fascinating city. Some parts of town are still lined with traditional houses and the old homes of liberal aristocrats exiled from Moscow early in the 19th century. Visit the Angara Icebreaker Museum – a unique piece of engineering and a key part of the history of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Walking through the city, see some of the original wooden residences and stop off at the Central Market to taste some of the amazing range of local produce for sale, and to stock up on supplies for the next train journey tomorrow.

Trans Mongolian Train

Back on the rails early morning today as you travel the Trans-Mongolian Railway for your overnight train trip (approximately 27 hours) into Mongolia. During the journey you’ll cross the border from Russia (Naushki) into Mongolia (Sukhbaatar) at night.


Crammed between the superpowers of Russia and China, the independent nation of Mongolia is a truly adventurous destination. The capital, Ulaanbaatar (affectionately known as UB), is a city where you’ll find elderly Mongolians in traditional dress, business suit-clad entrepreneurs and young monks. Arrive early in the morning in Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel. Drop your luggage then venture out into the city. Enjoy a morning tour of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding area. Visit Mongolia’s largest and most important active monastery, the lively Gandan Khiid. Here you'll learn about the main religion of Mongolia – Tibetan Buddhism. Then look out across the city from the top of Zaisan Hill then before exploring the range of fascinating artefacts housed in the Winter Palace Museum of Bogd Khan.
In the afternoon, perhaps explore one of the city's many museums to learn about the country's turbulent history, including the reign of the most famous of Mongolian historical figures – the feared and respected Genghis Khan.

Terelj National Park

Travel to Terelj National Park by private van (approximately 1.5 hours). With rolling meadows dotted with munching yaks, forested hills, and jagged rock formations, this is the perfect place to take in Mongolia's natural beauty. A local guide will share some insight into Mongolian customs and culture with you, as well as lead you on a hike to a local Buddhist retreat. In Terelj, you’ll stay in traditional lodging at a holiday ger camp. In the colder months you might want to stoke up the stove in the centre of the ger – you'll be toasty warm in no time! Tonight, get involved in making your own dinner by learning to cook buuz – traditional Mongolian dumplings. Take in the wonderful views across the gers and rocky escarpment as you experience a memorable Mongolian sunset.

Ulaanbaatar / Overnight Train

Farewell Mongolia today as you travel from Mongolia to Beijing on the next section of your epic train ride. The overnight journey (approximately 30 hours) leaves early in the morning and includes a long stop at the Mongolia-China border where the train changes bogies (wheels) due to the different rail gauges. The train may have a basic restaurant car but it's advisable to stock up at the supermarket before leaving Ulaanbaatar. Say goodbye to the relative time warp of Mongolia, get comfortable and watch the scenery change from rolling green meadows to rocky desert, to the built-up modernity of the city.


Arrive in Beijing mid-afternoon and transfer to your hotel. The capital of the most populous country on earth, Beijing is quickly shedding its historical face in favour of modernity. However, there are still plenty of places to go that will give you a great insight into the nation's ancient past, as well as sights that showcase China's contemporary culture. After a quick freshen up at the hotel, get out onto the streets of Beijing. Perhaps head to Tiananmen Square – the symbolic centre of Chinese power. Framed by the Gate of Heavenly Peace with its Mao portrait, Mao's Mausoleum, the Great Hall of the People, and the National Museum, it's a place of pilgrimage for the Chinese tourists who consider it the heart of their nation. Here you can enter the imposing Forbidden City, former home to China's imperial rulers and filled with palaces, gardens and seemingly never-ending grand courtyards. Beijing is vast and overflowing with sights – with your hotel located centrally, a walk in any direction will unveil all sorts of wonderful surprises.


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