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Exodus Travel
Destinasjoner : Pakistan
Reisen begynner : Islamabad
Reisen slutter : Islamabad
Gruppestørrelse : 6 - 16
Aldre : 18+
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21 dager fra
NOK 45 500


Unrivalled high mountain scenery and breathtaking views of Pakistan's K2


  • Day 1: Start Islamabad
    The group flight arrives in Islamabad very early in the morning and we transfer straight to our hotel where rooms will be waiting for you; the rest of the day is free to recover from your journey. Those not flying with the group from London will join us at the hotel in Islamabad during the day. Later in the day, when everyone has arrived, we will have a group briefing. We may also have to visit the Ministry of Tourism for an official briefing.Standard Hotel
  • Day 2: Spectacular flight to Skardu
    This morning we travel to the airport and take the spectacular flight (weather permitting) across the mountains to Skardu. The rest of the day is free.Standard Hotel
  • Day 3: Free day in Skardu
    In the morning we will have a walk up to the remains of Skardu fort, which overlooks the town and has great views of the Indus Valley. We will then walk to a small village, which grows all its crops organically. The afternoon is free to explore. You may like to take an optional jeep tour to Satpara Lake (US$65 per person) or explore the bazaar. We may have to visit the Ministry of Tourism for an official briefing later in the day and to have our official documents cleared to start the trek.Standard Hotel
  • Day 4: Drive through spectacular mountain scenery to Askole
    We set off northwards by jeep up the Shigar valley to Dassu, which used to be the end of the road. The spectacular jeep road which mostly follows the raging Braldu River now extends to Askole, the last village on our route and where we leave the jeeps and start walking. It may sometimes be necessary to start walking before Askole depending on the conditions of the jeep road. The journey may take anywhere from six to twelve hours.Full-service Camping
  • Day 5: Trek from Askole and cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier to Jhola
    After organising all the equipment and supplies our porters load up for the journey ahead to Jhola. The valley opens out to reveal the Biafo Glacier which flows for more than fifty kilometres from the Hispar La pass to the Braldu. We have our first taste of moraine walking as we cross the snout of the glacier and descend to our lunch spot beside the river at Korofon. Our route takes us to the confluence of the Braldu and Dumordo Rivers, where the trail used to involve scrambling over a cliff and then crossing the river in a flying fox or box bridge (called a 'jola'). Nowadays there is a newer trail and we go upstream to cross the river by bridge. Once across we descend to the edge of the River Braldu and follow its banks to our camp at Jhola. (Max. altitude: approx. 3150m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 6: Trek from Jhola and follow the Braldu gorge along the river bank to Paiju
    Today our route mainly follows the Braldu gorge along the riverbank, moving up and down according to the level of erosion and water levels. We start to get views of the fantastic granite rock shapes of Trango Towers and Cathedral. Walking conditions can be very hot and dry, and care must be taken to prevent sunburn. As we approach camp several glacially-fed rivulets flow down into the main valley and we may have to use our river crossing shoes depending on water levels. On a clear day we may be able to spot K2 in the far distance and the vast snout of the Baltoro glacier, the fourth-longest in Pakistan, is also visible but it's hard to gather a sense of scale from here. The day ends with a climb away from the river to our camp at Paiju, set in a clump of trees – the last ones we will see for a while! (Max. altitude: approx. 3400m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 7: Trek from Paiju to Khobursay
    The walking gets a bit harder today, but the scenery becomes even more spectacular and wild as we climb onto the snout of the Baltoro Glacier, and cross to the south side. The route climbs up and down the glacial moraine and although there is a trail, care needs to be taken at all times. Stunning views are gradually emerging of granite peaks on the north side of the glacier - from Paiju, Uli Biaho, and Trango Towers round to Grand Cathedral. It will take a few hours to cross the glacier to Liligo. From here we follow a rocky trail along the edge of the Baltoro, where shortly before arriving at Khobursay, we will make a decision whether we can safely negotiate the glacier or continue along the side valley before crossing the meltwater stream into camp. (Max. altitude: approx. 3800m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 8: Cross two small side glaciers to Urdukus
    We cross two small side glaciers and eventually, we can see the Trango Towers soaring up on the north side of the valley. We stop for the night near the army camp at Urdukus, which is perched 100m above the glacier on terraces which were hewn out of the hillside for the Duke of Abruzzi’s K2 expedition in1909. The afternoon aids our acclimatization and gives us time to enjoy the views and catch up on some rest. (Max. altitude: approx. 4050m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 9: Trek to Goro II
    We strike out into the middle of the glacier and follow the medial moraine, getting our first views of Masherbrum (7821m) to the south. The trail becomes more even and as we get higher, we start to walk past the huge ice seracs which stick out of the glacier-like ice cream cones. Tonight, we spend our first night camping on the Baltoro Glacier at Goro II, where the nighttime temperature will drop quite dramatically. From camp, we have superb views of Masherbrum and up the Younghusband Glacier, named after Sir Francis Edward Younghusband, the well-known explorer and spiritual writer to the impressive Muztagh Tower. (Max. altitude: approx. 4300m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 10: Climb the rocky moraine to Concordia
    Our final approach day, and our goal is in sight - Concordia! We continue up the rocky moraine as more and more of the big peaks come into view, culminating in the appearance of K2’s summit, rising more than 4,000m above the valley bottom. The views all around our campsite at Concordia are tremendous: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum, Chogolisa and Sia Kangri are all prominent, as well as dozens of smaller peaks such as Marble Peak, Crystal Peak and Mitre Peak. (Max. altitude: approx. 4600m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 11: Walk to Broad Peak Base Camp; optional trek to Gilkey Memorial (near K2 Base Camp)
    Today there is the opportunity to walk up the Godwin-Austen Glacier to the Art Gilkey Memorial (an American geologist and mountaineer) just before K2 Base Camp. This is a very long but a spectacular day. We will leave early morning, crossing the glaciers onto the faint trail heading towards K2 (there is a faint rocky trail all the way). As we follow the glacier towards K2 the mountain seems to grow bigger and bigger. Broad Peak rears up to our right and after about 3 hours we pass Broad Peak Base Camp (there is the option to turn back here). We usually have our lunch break here and then those who are continuing carry on with K2 towering above us as we get closer and closer. Just before Base Camp, amongst the boulder and ice strewn landscape is the Art Gilkey Memorial. A short scramble brings us to the place where those whose lives K2 claimed are remembered. Plaques and engraved tin plates are attached to a small rocky outcrop at the foot of this great mountain. There are great views directly above us of K2 and we may see some climbing expeditions. After lunch, we retrace our steps back to Broad Peak Base Camp. (Max. altitude: approx. 5100m. The distances may vary from those given, depending on how the moraine has moved and which trail we can follow) Full-service Camping
  • Day 12: Retrace steps to Concordia
    After a night’s rest at Broad Peak Base Camp, we continue our descent over the Godwin Austin Glacier towards Concordia. We will need to cross back onto the Baltoro Glacier (which might be slightly more challenging due to the rising level of melt water coming from Gasherbrum) before arriving at camp. After enjoying lunch at the “Throne Room of the Gods” you will have time to reflect on this magnificent environment whilst you recharge and prepare for your return journey. Full-service Camping
  • Day 13: Retrace our steps down the glacier to Biango/Goro I
    Unfortunately, we have to leave this magnificent place with some of the best mountain views on earth. However, we have an easy start today as we retrace our steps down the glacier. Today is a fairly easy walk back down to Goro I. (Max. altitude: approx. 4600m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 14: Trek back to Khobursay with views across to Trango Towers
    We follow the same trail down through the glacier to Goro 1 and on down to the spectacular campsite at Urdukas with great views across to Trango Towers before reaching Khobursay. Although we are retracing our steps down the glacier the views are completely different seen on the way back. (Max. altitude: approx. 4150m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 15: Trek down the side of the glacier back to Paiju
    We continue our walk down the side of the glacier through Liligo, from where we cross the glacier for one more time before stepping off the moraine onto more stable ground. We head back down to the trees and the relative comforts of Paiju campsite. (Max. altitude: approx. 3800m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 16: Trek back to the campsite at Jhola
    We retrace our steps along the Braldu Gorge. There may be a couple of river crossings today. We stop tonight at the campsite at Jhola. (Max. altitude: approx. 3400m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 17: Trek back to the main valley and follow the river to Askole
    We start the day with a walk up the side river to the bridge. After crossing the bridge we head back to the main valley and continue following the river all day through Korofon and back finally to the village of Askole. (Max. altitude: approx. 3150m). Full-service Camping
  • Day 18: Drive to Skardu in our jeeps for a rewarding hot shower
    We pick up our jeeps for the long but spectacular day’s drive back to Skardu and the luxury of a hot shower.Standard Hotel
  • Day 19: Morning flight to Islamabad; afternoon to relax
    We take the early morning flight to Islamabad and the rest of the day is free to relax and unwind after the trek.Standard Hotel
  • Day 20: Free day in Islamabad
    A free day in Islamabad or an extra day to fly to Islamabad if the flight is cancelled for any reason on the previous day.Standard Hotel
  • Day 21: End Islamabad
    Very early this morning we depart Islamabad for the flight to London arriving in the early evening. Those not flying with us to London will leave the hotel after breakfast.


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The trip destination
— 6 nights hotels and 14 nights full-service camping — 13 days point-to-point walking with full porterage — Optional base camp treks — Previous altitude experience necessary — Group normally 6 to 16, plus UK leader, local guide and other appropriate local staff. Min age 18 yrs
All breakfasts, 17 lunches and 17 dinners included. All food is provided throughout apart from lunches and dinners in Islamabad, we suggest you allow around £50 for these meals. Food on trek is simple but wholesome. Breakfasts will consist of porridge and cereal, eggs and chapatti or toast. Lunches are a picnic usually with soup, tinned meat and fish, sweets and nuts, cheese and crackers or chapattis. Dinner is 3 courses; soup, main course which is rice, dhal, vegetables, meat or pasta based. Dessert is usually jelly, cold custard, fruit, rice pudding or trifle. Snacks are provided upon arrival at camp; samosas, pakhora, tea and coffee. If you have any special dietary requirements we recommend you take along some of your own snacks or food. Pakistan is a meat-eating country (mainly goat and chicken) and does not cater as well as India for vegetarians, vegans or gluten free diets. Drinking Water Staying hydrated is important when undertaking any physical activity but particularly so at altitude where it is generally recommended to drink at least 3-4 litres per person per day. Drinking water will be provided on the trek but you need to treat it with purification tablets or another form of treatment. Handheld UV filters such as a ‘SteriPEN’ are very effective, can treat 1 litre of water in a couple of minutes and the water is ready immediately – look for lightweight lithium battery models and remember that you will need to bring a wide-mouthed bottle (e.g. Nalgene) for use with these devices. There are also an array of water filter and purifier bottles on the market but be wary of their weight, bottles with a small capacity and the product's performance in freezing conditions. Exodus has partnered with Water-to-Go, a filtration system that eliminates over 99.99% of all microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source – please visit Water-to-Go for more information. Exodus customers can claim 15% off your first order, and better still, 15% of the purchase value will be donated to the Exodus Travels Foundation. Please note that if the water freezes it will clog up the filter – in this event, defrost before use by sitting the filter in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes.

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Destinasjoner Islamabad
Turkode THC
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