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Exodus Travel
Destinasjoner : Jordan
Reisen begynner : Amman
Reisen slutter : Tel Aviv
Gruppestørrelse : 5 - 16
Aldre : 16+
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Visit the stunning highlights of Jordan, Palestine and Israel

Revamped in 2023 with some changes to accommodation and improved cultural activities, this Middle East adventure will guide you through lands of ancient history and religious intrigue. The highlights are plentiful: stand atop Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have looked down over the Promised Land; explore rose-red Petra; stargaze in Wadi Rum; and visit the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We float in that same sea, and explore holy sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, ending the trip in the ever-evolving seaside city of Tel Aviv.

  • Explore Jerusalem and its incredible history
  • Discover stunning Petra and the tranquil Wadi Rum
  • Step back in time in Biblical Bethlehem
  • Enjoy vibrant Tel Aviv
Key Information
  • 2 nights 4 - 5 star, 5 nights 3 star, 2 nights comforable hotels, 1 night private desert camp
  • Travel by air-conditioned bus and 4WD
  • Group normally 5 to 16 plus leader. Min age 16 yrs
  • All breakfasts, 2 dinners
  • All accommodation (see accommodation section)
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Tour leader throughout
  • Flights from London (if booking incl. flights)
  • Arrival and departure transfers
Ikke inkludert
  • Travel insurance Single accommodation (available on request) Visas or vaccinations


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Viktig Informasjon

The trip destination
  • 2 nights 4 - 5 star, 5 nights 3 star, 2 nights comforable hotels, 1 night private desert camp
  • Travel by air-conditioned bus and 4WD
  • Group normally 5 to 16 plus leader. Min age 16 yrs
All breakfasts are included and two dinners at the Wadi Rum camp and the Dead Sea resort in Jordan.Whilst staying in hotels we usually eat in local restaurants and the leader can arrange group bookings if people want to dine together. Mezze (Arabic) or salatim (Hebrew) style meals are very popular as they provide a range of small shared dishes to try along with a main of BBQ chicken/meats or a vegetarian dish. These allow fast service with a variety of good quality food for the group. In Jordan meals usually cost around 10-15 JOD ( GBP £11-17, USD $14-21, CAN $18-28). Palestine and Israel can be more expensive so it is advisable to allow around 60 - 80 Shekel per person ( GBP £14-19, USD $17-23, CAN $22- 30). If you are vegetarian, please note that main meals are limited in choice; however, mezze is almost always available in restaurants and is a good, filling choice. There is also a good choice of seafood available at the Red Sea and in Tel Aviv. While camping in Wadi Rum we enjoy a wonderful traditional meal called Zarb which is cooked underground. This consists of rice with a selection including chicken, lamb and vegetables. Vegetables will be cooked separate to the meat for vegetarians.

Spring and autumn are very popular times of year to go to Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Summer is very hot especially July and August so we don't have departures in these months. In Spring and Autumn average temperatures can be around 25 - 30ºC. In winter it is generally crisp and warm in the day, approximately 10-15ºC. Wadi Rum on average in summer is around 30ºC though it can get as high as 40ºC. At night it is usually around 10ºC cooler. In winter it is much cooler and can get as low as 10ºC during the day. In the evening it is around OºC . There are occasions when there is rain or even snow in the desert. If weather conditions require it we may need to modify the itinerary or the camp location for your comfort and safety. The Dead Sea air temperatures vary from around 14ºC in winter up to high 30s in summer months. The water temperature however doesn’t drop below 20ºC. Rainfall does occur in all countries during winter months so it is advisable to take an umbrella at these times. There are even occasions when it snows in Jordan during winter. As with many countries in the world seasons can go on longer than usual so it is advisable to always check the weather of the country you are travelling to a week or two before your trip so you can pack appropriately.

Is this trip for you?

Although this is a cultural trip, some days (such as those in Petra) can be long and tiring. There is a lot of ground to cover on this day however climbing up stairs to view the Royal tombs and the hike up to the Monastery (850 steps) are options you can choose not to do.  Your leader will be able to provide you with further advice on how to still get the most of your trip into this magnificent site.  There is extensive walking during our days in Israel in order to see as many of the sites as possible during our guided tours.  You will also have a free day in Jerusalem to plan your own exploration of this incredible city.

Whilst camping in Wadi Rum please be aware that although the campsite does have plumbed toilets and showers it is basic and hot water may be limited.  Our private Exodus camp is however often mentioned as a highlight of the trip for many of our guests.

This trip crosses from Jordan into the West Bank at the Allenby Bridge and there is a change of leader at this point. As the only point through which West Bank Palestinians are able to travel abroad, the crossing is often busy. The leader and driver for the Israel and Palestine portion of the trip have to wait for the whole group to clear Israeli security checks before they are allowed to drive to the exit hall, this can mean there is a wait at the exit hall before the leader and driver arrive.

Our leaders for the Israel and Palestine portion of this trip usually live in Jerusalem. This means they will not be with us in the evenings, but will be able to give advice on places for dinner.

From just before sunset on Friday until sunset on Saturday, Shabbat is observed by religious Jews. In many Israeli cities restaurants and shops are closed, however in Tel Aviv this is to a much lesser extent, with many cafes and bars remaining open. Tel Aviv's beaches are at their busiest on a Saturday. When our time in Israel coincides with Shabbat, we plan the itinerary to take into account what is and is not open on this day.

In very rare instances where local conditions require we may need to amend the order of the itinerary but we will ensure that all the elements of the itinerary are still included and site visits are of the same duration.

Please note that Ramadan is expected to run from 22 March 2023 to 21 April 2023 and 10 March 2024 to 10 April 2024. Ramadan is a special time to visit Jordan as it is one of the most important periods in the Muslim calendar. Each evening the streets empty while people return home to break the fast and then there is an air of festivity every evening. Our leaders and drivers choose to work at this time so we continue to run trips however please be aware their energy levels may be slightly lower. Tourist sites are still open although closing times may be earlier than usual. Your leader will know how the timings for each day need to be adapted in order to still experience all the inclusions on this trip. Restaurants may close during the day and this is also accounted for in planning meal arrangements for your group. Shops are usually open though their hours may vary and they will definitely be closed during the breaking of the fast. To fully enjoy your holiday experience at this unique time of year we suggest patience and flexibility (in fact these are useful at any time of year on any overseas holiday).

Priser / Datoer

Ved skriftlig aksept av vårt tilbud bekrefter du/dere at våre betingelser er både lest og forstått og at evt kansellerings gebyrer kan tilkomme ved en evt. avbestilling av reisen.

tor, 05 okt 2023 / søn, 15 okt 2023 NOK 25 790 På forespørsel På forespørsel
tor, 16 nov 2023 / søn, 26 nov 2023 NOK 25 190 På forespørsel På forespørsel
tor, 05 okt 2023 / søn, 15 okt 2023 NOK 25 790 På forespørsel På forespørsel
tor, 16 nov 2023 / søn, 26 nov 2023 NOK 25 190 På forespørsel På forespørsel

Vi vil komme tilbake til deg med et tilbud på den forespurte reisen/pakken I løpet av 48 timer. Alle tilbud er uforpliktende og er vanligvis gyldige i 7 dager. Vi gjør oppmerksom på at reserverte tjenester kan bli kansellert innenfor disse 7 dagene og at pris kan endres inntil en endelig bestilling er mottatt.