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Exodus Travel
Destinasjoner : Ecuador, Peru
Reisen begynner : Cuzco
Reisen slutter : Guayaquil Airport
Gruppestørrelse : 2 - 14
Aldre : 16+
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14 dager fra
NOK 77 835


Discover Peru's 'Lost City of the Incas' and Ecuador's 'Enchanted Isles'


  • Day 1: Start Cuzco (3400m); afternoon walking tour.
    The tour starts at our hotel in Cuzco this morning. Hotel check-in often isn't until 3 pm. The Inca capital of Cuzco is among the most attractive cities in South America, with much of the centre comprising colonial-era buildings with Inca foundations, as well as museums, churches and pre-Columbian sites. To help acclimatise, we have a relaxed walking tour this afternoon to discover its historic buildings and winding streets. It is recommended to take it easy upon arrival into Cuzco and to drink plenty of water to allow your body time to acclimatise to the altitude. Accommodation: Hotel Casa Andina Koricancha (or similar)
  • Day 2: Free day in Cuzco; optional Sacred Valley tour.
    Today has been left free to explore the city in more detail. The Plaza de Armas is a fantastic spot for people watching, and the Koricancha Sun Temple, located in the Santo Domingo Church and monastery is worth a visit. The Mercado San Pedro is the place to try some local produce and there are many handicraft markets to shop for souvenirs such as alpaca jumpers and scarves. Outside the town are more Inca ruins, notably the fortress of Sacsayhuaman where the Inca armies made their last stand against the Conquistadores. Alternatively, you may wish to take an optional visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the incredible ruins at Pisac. Various other optional activities can be arranged from Cuzco - your leader will have the details. Accommodation: Hotel Casa Andina Koricancha (or similar)
  • Day 3: Train to Aguas Calientes; optional day walk along Inca Trail via Winay Wayna ruins.
    This morning we take the train to Aguas Calientes, a lively town in the valley below Machu Picchu. This afternoon and the rest of the day is free for visits to the hot springs or shopping in the large craft market. Our Machu Picchu entrance ticket is valid for tomorrow, however should you wish to visit the ruins today as well, you will need to purchase an extra ticket. Please inform your leader at the start of the holiday if you would like to purchase an extra entrance ticket to Machu Picchu. For those who wish to walk to Machu Picchu, there is an optional day walk along a section of the Inca Trail. The trail passes the ruins of Wiñay Wayna and ascends a stone staircase to the Sun Gate for the iconic view of Machu Picchu and its magnificent backdrop. Although this optional walk is available at no extra cost, it must be pre-booked since numbers are strictly limited (and a permit required). You should request this at the time of booking. A packed lunch is included today. Accommodation: Hotel Hatun Inti Classic (or similar)
  • Day 4: Early morning tour of Machu Picchu; afternoon return to Cuzco.
    In order to beat the day-trippers arriving from Cuzco and reach the ruins as early as possible, a very early start is required to queue for Machu Picchu; only government-registered buses can make the 30-minute drive up the winding road to the site entrance and during high season (May-October) queues can be hours long. Machu Picchu is one of the architectural and engineering marvels of the ancient world and what makes it all the more dramatic is its mountain backdrop of staggering immensity. The Spaniards never found it; the Incas left no records of it, and so Machu Picchu remained a great enigma, a city lost for centuries in the jungle until it was rediscovered in 1911 by the American historian Hiram Bingham. New regulations for visiting Machu Picchu are now fully enforced; of the three possible visiting slots, Exodus will purchase the morning slot from 06:00 until 12:00 (unless unavailable), you will be limited to a maximum of four hours within the site and must be accompanied by a guide. There will also be three set routes to follow around Machu Picchu; Exodus selects the most comprehensive route. We catch an afternoon train back to Ollantaytambo (1hr 30 mins) and continue by private bus to Cuzco (2hrs 30 mins). Accommodation: Hotel Casa Andina Koricancha (or similar)
  • Day 5: Fly to Quito (2850m).
    Today we depart Cuzco on a flight to Quito via Lima. Quito has one of the best-preserved colonial centres in South America and plenty of vibrant markets to explore. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 6: Quito city tour.
    We have a half-day city tour of Quito, one of the smaller and more attractive of the capitals of South America - 2,850m high in the western cordillera of the Andes. Quito is the second highest capital in the world, and as always at altitude, it is a good idea not to do anything too strenuous at first! We explore the colonial centre with its narrow streets and hanging balconies. The tour usually includes the Independence Plaza, flanked by the Presidential and the Archbishop palaces as well as La Compañia Church with its impressive gold leaf decorations. A short drive brings us to El Panecillo Hill for a panoramic view of the city and to admire the 45m high statue of the ‘Virgen de Quito’, the only original Madonna with wings. Please note that entrance fees are not included. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 7: Fly to Galapagos; visit the Charles Darwin Centre; board boat.
    We return to Quito airport for the flight to Galapagos and the island of Baltra via Guayaquil. We will take a short ferry crossing to Santa Cruz Island, where we drive to the highlands to look for wild tortoises. We follow this with a visit to the Charles Darwin Centre, where we learn about the ecology of the islands and visit the centre's turtle hatchery. After this visit, we board the boat at Puerto Ayora, the island's main town. Please make sure that you bring your camera, sun cream and appropriate clothing: comfortable footwear for some short walks (possibly amongst grass), light clothes, a hat/cap and a light waterproof in case of a shower or mist. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 8: Galapagos cruise following itinerary A (Tower) or B (Fernandina) to discover the unique wildlife of these volcanic islands.
    Our Galapagos Cruise alternates between two itineraries. For the next seven days, your specific itinerary in the Galapagos depends on the departure date of the trip (please ask your Sales Consultant if unsure). Itinerary A (Tower): Walk on the tiny Plazas Islands to see a cactus forest, land iguanas and seabirds, then cruise to the white sand beaches of Santa Fe. Itinerary B (Fernandina): A short walk on the tiny island of Chinese Hat before snorkelling with Sea lions (and penguins if lucky!); on to the dark red beach of Isla Rabida to walk amongst spatter cones, pelicans, Blue-footed and Nazca boobies. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 9: Galapagos Cruise
    Itinerary A (Tower): A day at San Cristobal Island: the white sand beach, Blue-footed boobys and old cone of Cerro Brujo, giant tortoise at Galapaguera and crystal clear waters around the striking spear of Kicker Rock. Itinerary B (Fernandina): We start three days exploring the largest island of Isabela with the chance for early morning exploration of the mangroves at Los Tintoreras and then walk to the huge 5-mile wide caldera on Sierra Negra volcano. Our scheduled visit to Las Tintoreras alloted by the Galapagos National Park is from 0600 to 0800 hrs, therefore should you wish to stay onboard and have a lie in instead that's not a problem. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 10: Galapagos Cruise
    Itinerary A (Tower): Swim with Sea lions and Marine iguanas at the paradisiacal beach at Gardener Bay on Espanola (Hood) Island. In the afternoon, walk amongst Nazca and Blue-footed booby birds and nesting Waved Albatross (in season) next to pounding surf at Punta Suarez. Itinerary B (Fernandina): Cruising round Isabela's west side, we're likely to see whales and dolphins. We land at Punta Moreno's swirling fresh lava flows and also explore the islets of Elizabeth Bay with the largest colony of penguins in the Galapagos. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 11: Galapagos Cruise
    Itinerary A (Tower): At Floreana Island snorkel in the spectacular sunken crater of Devil's Crown amongst thousands of fish. We will then visit the lagoon at Punta Cormorant (often with flamingos) and Post Office Bay, the mailbox used by 18th Century whalers. Itinerary B (Fernandina): In 1954 Urbina Bay was uplifted 4 metres and we walk here amongst exposed coral heads, wandering giant tortoises and huge land iguanas. We'll then make an afternoon visit to Tagus Cove and Darwin Lake, directly opposite recently active Fernandina Volcano. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 12: Galapagos Cruise
    Itinerary A (Tower): To Dragon Hill, a nesting site for land iguanas with a large lagoon; dramatic Sullivan Bay with a walk on a huge lava flow only 100 years old before swimming from the white-sand beach in crystal clear waters. Itinerary B (Fernandina): Land at Punta Espinosa on Fernandina in the midst of a huge colony of Marine iguanas; the sea life is very rich here and supports a large Sea lion and Fur seal colony. We then cross the straights and explore the cliffs of Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 13: Galapagos Cruise
    Itinerary A (Tower): Less-visited Genovesa (also called Tower) Island is home to an abundance of Red-footed boobies, Fur seals, Storm petrels and Short-eared Owls. Here, we look for tropicbirds at Prince William Steps before snorkelling, whilst at Darwin Bay, Galapagos mockingbirds also await. Itinerary B (Fernandina): Excellent birding on Santiago (James) Island at Puerto Egas followed by an afternoon snorkel and a walk amongst incredible volcanic scenery up little Bartolome Island - cones, lava tubes and Pinnacle Rock. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 14: Galapagos cruise ends; fly to Guayaquil; end Guayaquil.
    Itinerary A (Tower): We explore the mangroves of Turtle Cove at dawn watching marine turtles rising for air; rays and herons fishing from the trees. Itinerary B (Fernandina): An early morning walk on North Seymour amidst Palo Santo trees and Blue-footed booby colonies. Both itineraries: After a late breakfast we disembark for the journey back to Baltra to transfer to the airport to catch a flight to Guayaquil. For land only clients, the tour ends at Guayaquil airport. If booking an onwards flight from Guayaquil today please ensure that it does not depart before 6pm.


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— 6 nights en suite hotels, 7 nights on board a motor yacht in en suite, air-conditioned cabins — Optional Inca Trail day walk: request on booking — Group normally 2 to 14 plus local leader/staff. Min. age 16 yrs — Spends time at altitude — Travel by flight, minibus, train and motor yacht
On board the Galapagos boat, all meals are included and are served in a buffet style. There is a wide choice of food available, including vegetarian options. For the rest of the trip, we visit a variety of cafes and restaurants for any meals which are not included in the itinerary. Hotel breakfasts are normally simple buffet-style affairs, usually including bread/toast and jam, cereal, sometimes eggs or a cooked dish, sometimes fruit, tea/coffee and fruit juice. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that wheat/gluten-free products will be available for breakfast in all locations - if you have an intolerance you may wish to bring your own breakfast food. We provide a packed lunch on day 3, whether you are taking the train or doing the optional walk to Machu Picchu. Drinking water is provided; please bring a reusable water bottle with you.

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Antall dager 14
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Destinasjoner Guayaquil Airport
Turkode APG
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