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Reisen begynner : Oulanka
Reisen slutter : Oulanka
Gruppestørrelse : 4 - 12
Aldre : 16+
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Break new trails in the wintery wilds of Oulanka National Park

In the heart of the Finnish wilderness is the beautiful Oulanka National Park, a vast expanse of snow-laden pine trees, frozen lakes and waterfalls. There is no better way to explore this stunning setting than by strapping on a pair of snowshoes and heading out to break new trails. In the company of our expert leader, we take varied day tours in the surrounding area, including a visit to the spectacular Riisitunturi National Park.

  • Break new trails in an idyllic winter landscape
  • Explore two national parks
  • Stay in cosy accommodation with a sauna and outdoor hot tub
  • Try downhill skiing and snowmobile safaris
Viktig informasjon
  • Seven nights at Basecamp Oulanka: rooms with private bathrooms in two separate buildings
  • No previous experience necessary
  • Reasonable level of fitness required
  • All breakfasts, five lunches and seven dinners
  • All accommodation (see below)
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Local tour leaders throughout
  • Snowshoes and poles
Ikke inkludert
  • Travel insurance
  • Single accommodation (available on request)
  • Visas or vaccinations


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Viktig Informasjon

The trip destination
  • Seven nights at Basecamp Oulanka: rooms with private bathrooms in two separate buildings
  • No previous experience necessary
  • Reasonable level of fitness required
All breakfasts, five lunches and seven dinners are included. The food at Basecamp is a delicious range of local produce (Finnish food) all prepared on site by the in-house chef. Starters consist of a salad buffet with three or four different choices. The main courses consist of chicken, salmon and wild game such as elk. Dessert consists of lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries that have often been picked by the chef. These berries are served with a selection of quark kurd, cream, ice cream, cakes and pancakes. Lunch normally consists of a hot soup with elk, salmon or vegetarian options.

In the regions close to the Arctic Circle, temperatures during the season range from -30C (-22F) to 5C (41F). December will normally be the coldest (usually below -20C/-4F), but the temperatures rise as the days lengthen, and early April can see temperatures around -10C to 5C (14F to 41F). Recent years have seen massive fluctuations in the space of a few weeks with lows of -40C (-40F) and highs of 7C (45F) just a few days apart.

If the thought of such temperatures scares you, think again. When dressed in the Arctic clothing provided, with insulated boots, woolly hat and large mittens, -20C (-4F) can actually feel very pleasant. The Arctic cold is a dry cold, there is usually no wind and, remember, we will keep you active.

Daylight hours

At extreme latitudes, the days shorten and lengthen much faster. So while in midwinter (December/January) the sun remains just below the horizon, by April there are more daylight hours than in the UK, and the midnight sun is only a matter of weeks away. Even in midwinter it is not dark, as the sun is just above the horizon and there is plenty of light reflected off the snow.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are visible from September to late April on most clear nights at latitudes close to and above the Arctic Circle. They can be seen further south but will be less spectacular and less frequent. Solar activity is greater around the equinoxes (September and April), and at lower latitudes this can be the best time to see them. Inside the Arctic Circle, they tend to be just as good in any winter month, and on a seven-night trip you would be unlucky not to see the Northern Lights at all.

Is this trip for you?

This trip has been rated Activity Level 3 (Moderate).

It involves snowshoeing over flat or undulating terrain. There are no big drops and very steep terrain is rare. No snowshoeing experience is necessary; however, a good level of fitness is required as we climb to viewpoints. Expect to be snowshoeing between three and six hours a day at a moderate pace. Variables such as snow depth can (and do) affect this.

Priser / Datoer

Ved skriftlig aksept av vårt tilbud bekrefter du/dere at våre betingelser er både lest og forstått og at evt kansellerings gebyrer kan tilkomme ved en evt. avbestilling av reisen.


Vi vil komme tilbake til deg med et tilbud på den forespurte reisen/pakken I løpet av 48 timer. Alle tilbud er uforpliktende og er vanligvis gyldige i 7 dager. Vi gjør oppmerksom på at reserverte tjenester kan bli kansellert innenfor disse 7 dagene og at pris kan endres inntil en endelig bestilling er mottatt.