Få eksperthjelp, og skreddersy din ferrie nã!


English speaking, similar culture, well organised...isn't a trip to North America a bit, well, tame and boring? No, we mean it

If you're looking for an epic destination, you've made the right choice. The area that covers the US and Canada is a place of mystical journeys, impressive landscapes, and outside the big dominant cities you will find raw wilderness.

US National Parks is responsible for over 400 protected areas, including Yellowstone (the oldest park in North America) and Alaska's Wrangell St-Elias (the largest national park, actually bigger than Switzerland). And north of the 49th parallel you will find endless wasteland, home to bears, moose - where most of it is only accessible via seaplane.

With such vast areas, your first challenge should be time and how to get around? Domestic flights in the USA & Canada should not cost the world and most airlines that are in an alliance (One World, Skyteam or Star Alliance) will be able to give you many possible stopovers on the itinerary if you plan the journey well enough. This is because most tickets are based on the mileage system.
But to be able to experience the real and genuine North America, it is clear that the country road beckons (possibly by train). REISEbazaar offers train journeys with Amtrak and Canadian Rail as well as very good rental car prices and motorhomes - ask us for an offer.

Some of the best journeys are along the coast, such as the ferry trip through Alaska's "Inside Passage", a historic cruise from the golden age in Klondyke and the opportunity to see whales along the way.
Once you've got your transport in place, it's time to pick out the highlights for the trip. You will need months if you are going to bring everything on the continent. So focus on parts such as e.g. from coast to coast, Route 66, California's Pacific Highway or the west coast of Canada. Other areas that may tempt you are the Great Lakes, New England, Florida & the Keys.

If time permits, try to meet some of the indigenous people of North America as well. In the southern part of the United States, old traditions are still kept alive (try New Mexico). In Canada, there is a strong movement of "First Nations" and everything from "home-stays" to Inuit-led wilderness cruises is offered here. An experience that will last a long time as a memory from the trip.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find your dream trip to North America

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