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Our adventure travel in Latin America reflects an impressive diversity of people and landscapes. From the Amazon rainforest to the back streets of Cuba; from Central America's lost Mayan cities to Peru's mythical Inca Trail; from the unique fauna and flora of the Galapagos to the wilderness of Patagonia...
Latin America never disappoints!

REISEbazaar's large and diverse selection of trips in Latin America is unique in the Nordic region. We offer more than 600 different round trips to all countries in Latin America and have daily departures to the more popular destinations such as Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala. This gives you considerable flexibility. In addition, as the only player in this part of the world, we have the opportunity to tailor your dream trip thanks to a unique network of local agents, as well as
years of experience in the "field" and as tour guides in the region. The success of a trip is always knowledge of the local conditions and small details. Long experience and good partners mean that REISEbazaar can give good advice and make your trip the unforgettable experience you expect.

In the planning phase, it is important to look at what flight options and alternatives exist. In contrast to many other parts of the world, the low-cost concept of flights is not nearly as widespread here as elsewhere. But don't despair, we who work with Latin America on a daily basis have the full overview of the possibilities and creative solutions available. In addition to our tours, this large area is a popular destination for those who want to travel on their own. Some of our most popular packages for individual travelers are Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro & Ilha Grande, Galapagos cruises, Panama in combination with, for example, Aruba & Curacao, as well as a number of Brazil's beach gems such as Arraial d'Ajuda and Costa dos Alcatrazes.

Our travel tips
  • Plan your trip as best as possible in advance. As VAT of up to 25% is added to plane tickets in almost all Latin American countries, it becomes very expensive to buy tickets locally.
  • Don't skip too much - it often takes at least 3 weeks to catch a minimum of highlights.
  • Choose the right season for your destination. Remember that e.g. in Brazil, prices double and triple during festivals and holidays.
  • Learn some Spanish (or Portuguese). Although there are people who speak English, this is often helpful, especially if you are traveling on your own.
  • Be in the right place at the right time - many of our tours give you a much better opportunity to do this, perfect for those of you who have limited time at your disposal.
    Some festivals you should take with you:
    • Day of the Dead, Guatemala - 1/11
    • Sun Festival, Cuzco, Peru - 24/6
    • Carnival in Brazil (especially Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Recife/Olinda) - 40 days before Easter, normally the first and second week of February (Book early!)
    • Reveillon, Rio de Janeiro, the world's biggest street party - 31/12

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