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Few places in the world can offer such an extensive off-the-beaten-track experience as Alaska. Alaska is the USA's largest state and is also the least populated (not without reason). Alaska is considered by many to be the last wilderness outpost in the world today.

If you like nature and wildlife, you will quickly see that you have arrived in paradise, wolves, bears, killer whales, bison, mountain goats and moose rule the roost and are the focal point. Add about 20 hours of daylight in the summer months and you have enough time to take in many of the best sights and incredible wildlife that can be found in Alaska.
This is just some of what you can experience in Alaska!

Feel free to take the old mining town of Wrangell with you, or how about trying climbing on glaciers? Elias National Park offers great hiking opportunities, whether you want to go with a guide or go on your own. Try deep-water fishing in Homer, the so-called "halibut capital" of the world. St. Alaska has some absolutely amazing national parks that offer everything of nature you can imagine. On the way here, you pass over the peaks of the volcanic chain which has been aptly nicknamed the "Ring of Fire" - they are stunningly beautiful so bring your camera! Be prepared for a real challenge if you test out the latter, because you will be taken down into the crevasses of the glacier, which can be a bit scary, {and|plus} you have to climb back up with spiked shoes {and|plus} small ice axes - but the colors you look around you and the experience you get is absolutely unique and something you will never forget!

Denali National Park is also worth a visit, as is the harbor town of Seward, where you can take a boat out to sea to see whales, sharks and sea lions while listening to the cracking sounds of the glaciers as large chunks of ice break free and fall into the water. For train enthusiasts, there are some extremely great train trips such as the Denali Star route between Anchorage and Denali or the Coastal Classic Route between Anchorage and Seward.

Average temperature and precipitation for Alaska (Anchorage):
Measuring units= ºC and mm/month. Warmest month: July (16ºC), Coldest month: January (-8ºC) / Wettest month: September (54.3mm) - All values ​​based on data obtained in the period 1985-2015.
Average temperature and precipitation for Alaska (Fairbanks):
Measuring units= ºC and mm/month. Warmest month: July (18ºC), Coldest month: January (-22ºC) / Wettest month: August (24.7mm) - All values ​​based on data obtained in the period 1985-2015.

How is the weather?
Alaska summer season - Most tours have departures in the period May - September, with the exception of those that include Denali National Park (mid-June to the end of August). The decidedly busiest time is then also during this period. It may be somewhat cheaper to travel before or after this period for accommodation. Alaska's summer months probably get a bit more rainfall than the rest of the US, but May is generally the driest month with only a 25% chance of rain on any given day. Alaska gradually becomes more and more humid as the summer continues. In August, the chance of rain has risen to 50%

Midnight Sun in Alaska - June 21 is the longest day of the year, with 19 hours of sunshine in Anchorage and 22 hours in Fairbanks. You can take a closer look at the sunrise / sunset times on the Alaska Tourism Office's website - click here
Other magical dates - if you are planning to post a hike in the northern part of Alaska or the Arctic region, be aware that the tundra does not completely melt until the end of June. Everyone has heard of Alaska's terrible mosquitoes, then you should seriously consider making the trip here in late July or early August as the night frost will have killed most of the beasts, but you will get a cooler evening instead.

Best time to visit Alaska:                                                                                                                      You certainly can't go wrong if you visit Alaska between May 10 and September 15! The days are long and nature is in full bloom and the air is full of energy. But every season of the year has its attractions, so we have tried to break them down a bit from season to season.
But Alaska's spring is unpredictable. You can come in August and be bathed in glorious sunshine and find that it's raining horizontally in June, so there's never a weather guarantee in Alaska. People who bee in Alaska have therefore learned that you cannot let the weather influence your plans or mood. The trick is simply to dress well and know what to pack - packing list. On the other hand, if the weather was good all the time, Alaska wouldn't last very long and would soon become a new Los Angeles

Mint:  United States dollar (USD) = 100 cents

Interesting facts:
  • During the Klondike Gold Rush in 1879, potatoes were so highly valued (as they contained vitamin C) that miners traded gold for potatoes.
  • A 44.22 kilogram salmon was caught in the Kenai River, this is the largest salmon ever caught
  • If New York had the same population density as Alaska, there would only be 16 people living in Manhattan.
Best way to see Alaska -  At least steer clear of large crowds and try to experience Alaska in a more authentic way. This requires a bit more planning if you are going to set up the trip all by yourself, we at REISEbazaar together with our local partners can give you exactly this. But anyway here are some tips to get the best trip to Alaska
  • Listen to local famous people (organized trips) - if you join us on one of our trips to Alaska, it is quite possible that your tour guide will be one of Norway's best nature photographers, Stig Brøndbo. But for those of you who may not be so focused on photography, we have a number of departures that take you off the beaten track and away from the large crowds. Our trips to Alaska are strongly focused on wilderness, nature and national parks professionally led by one of our local celebrities.
  • Traveling on your own -if you don't like traveling with others, you can still experience Alaska's magnificent nature, but remember that to get to many of Alaska's biggest attractions it is in many cases only possible by small plane/seaplane or boat and on foot, which quickly costs money if you travel alone. But it is entirely possible to get around by train (remember to book tickets in advance), rental car or motorhome. Feel free to stay overnight in a smaller hotel or guesthouse and get good advice along the way. Another way to see some of the coast and fjords is of course on one of the many cruises, but steer clear of the large international shipping companies and instead use some of the local opportunities.. If you are not on a fully organized trip to Alaska, you must remember that day trips and excursions to some of Alaska's greatest sights can only be reached by either small aircraft/seaplane or boat, and if you travel alone, this can quickly cost a lot. Other activities such as rafting, visiting glaciers, hiking require local guides and the right equipment, so in the end, doing everything on your own may not be the best or cheapest.
Last visited by REISEbazaar: Our colleague Stig Brøndbo is often in Alaska as a tour guide for groups of photo enthusiasts for the British Exodus. If you have any questions about Alaska, you can send him an email to stig@reisebazaar.no

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