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Exodus Travel
Destinasjoner : Peru
Reisen begynner : Cuzco hotel (Pre-tour Extensions: Puerto Maldonado airport)
Reisen slutter : Puerto Maldonado airport (Pre-tour Extensions: Cuzco hotel)
Aldre : 16+
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4 dager fra


Explore the world's largest rainforest, of unparalleled biodiversity

Easily accessible via a short flight from Cuzco, the Amazon is the world's largest rainforest and home to an astonishing array of wildlife, as well as countless plant species. Spending three nights at a riverside lodge in the Tambopata Reserve, we use motorised canoes to explore its lakes and rivers, and follow jungle trails to discover its dense forests. The biodiversity of this region is incredible and with a bit of luck you may see colourful macaws and other tropical birds as well as an array of native South American mammals, such as capybara and Giant river otter. There’s also time to relax by the river at the lodge or to sit back in a hammock.

  • Fall asleep to the sound of the jungle, spending three nights in a riverside lodge in the Tambopata Reserve
  • Explore the dense rainforest and its waterways on foot and by motorised canoe
  • Look out for mammals including giant river otters, wild boar, capybara and a variety of monkeys
  • Chance to spot tropical birds including parrots, macaws, hoatzin and kingfishers
  • Learn about the diversity and medicinal properties of the vegetation
Key Information
  • 4 days Land Only
  • 3 nights Amazon lodge
  • Travel by boat, on foot, and one internal flight
  • Accompanied by expert local guides
  • Price: from £499
  • Single supplement: from £90
  • 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners
  • All accommodation
  • All transport and listed activities
  • Expert local guides in the rainforest
  • One domestic flight
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  • Tour leader Travel insurance Single accommodation Visas or vaccinations


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Viktig Informasjon

The trip destination
  • 4 days Land Only
  • 3 nights Amazon lodge
  • Travel by boat, on foot, and one internal flight
  • Accompanied by expert local guides
  • Price: from £499
  • Single supplement: from £90
All meals are included during your stay in the Amazon. The food is a mixture of Peruvian and international cuisine. Please do not drink the tap water or brush your teeth with it – it is not potable.

Whilst the Amazon Rainforest is generally warm and humid, it can be subject to drops in temperature caused by cold fronts pushing in from the south, especially in June and July. This can send temperatures dropping into single figures, and if taking the rainforest extension we recommend that you take some warm clothing with you to the lodge in case of sudden changes in the weather.

Is this trip for you?

This extension may be booked before of after any Exodus tour that starts/ends in Cuzco. Activities during the extension and transfers to and from the lodge are not exclusive to Exodus clients and may be shared with other guests at the lodge. There are some walks along jungle trails, which although well marked, can be muddy following periods of rain. The walks are not particularly physically demanding but you should have a reasonable level of fitness. The rainforest is generally hot and humid in the daytime and the high humidity can be uncomfortable at times, although nights and early morning end evening can be a little chilly. Mosquitoes are present, and are particularly active after it has rained and at dawn and dusk. The Amazon is teeming with life and at night you will hear the sounds of the jungle. There will be some very early morning starts as the wildlife is often most active at dawn and dusk when the temperature is cooler. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings and factors such as poor weather can affect the likelihood of seeing wildlife. Many creatures are more elusive during rain and additionally some planned activities may be postponed or altered depending on the weather or river levels for safety reasons. Your guide may assume that you don't want to go out in the rain but if this is not the case please make this known to your guide to make sure you don’t miss out. The accommodation is simple but comfortable. Given the remoteness of the lodges, please be aware that there is no mains electricity and service at meal times can be quite relaxed. Only the main buildings have power for a few hours a day. Lighting in your room will be by torch and lanterns/candles.

Priser / Datoer

Ved skriftlig aksept av vårt tilbud bekrefter du/dere at våre betingelser er både lest og forstått og at evt kansellerings gebyrer kan tilkomme ved en evt. avbestilling av reisen.


Vi vil komme tilbake til deg med et tilbud på den forespurte reisen/pakken I løpet av 48 timer. Alle tilbud er uforpliktende og er vanligvis gyldige i 7 dager. Vi gjør oppmerksom på at reserverte tjenester kan bli kansellert innenfor disse 7 dagene og at pris kan endres inntil en endelig bestilling er mottatt.