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Turkode : WAJ
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Exodus Travel
Destinasjoner : Ecuador
Reisen begynner : Quito
Reisen slutter : Guayaquil
Gruppestørrelse : 4 - 16
Aldre : 16+
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15 dager fra
NOK 88 615


Ecuador's contrasting ecosystems, from the Amazon jungle to the Galapagos archipelago


  • Day 1: Start Quito
    The group flight usually arrives into Quito this evening. Land Only clients should aim to arrive at the hotel this afternoon/evening. Free transfers are available for all clients. A local guide will welcome you to Quito and explain the schedule for the next few days. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 2: Quito city tour
    We have a half-day city tour of Quito, one of the smaller and more attractive of the capitals of South America - 2,850m high in the western cordillera of the Andes. Quito is the second highest capital in the world, and as always at altitude, it is a good idea not to do anything too strenuous at first! We explore the colonial centre with its narrow streets and hanging balconies. The tour usually includes the Independence Plaza, flanked by the Presidential and the Archbishop palaces as well as La Compañia Church with its impressive gold leaf decorations. A short drive brings us to El Panecillo Hill for a panoramic view of the city and to admire the 45m high statue of the ‘Virgen de Quito’, the only original Madonna with wings. Please note that entrance fees are not included. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 3: Fly to Coca; canoe excursion to Napo Wildlife Centre
    Transfer to Quito airport this morning for a 40-minute flight from Quito to Coca. A short drive takes us to the dock where we board a large, motorized canoe for a two-hour ride down-stream. At the entrance to the Napo Wildlife Centre reserve, we transfer to smaller, paddled dug-out canoes so as not to disturb the wildlife. This paddle can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on what sightings we have (we may have the chance to spot Giant otters, along with monkeys and countless bird species including toucans, parrots, and macaws). The final part of the journey involves crossing the spectacular Anangu Lake and arriving at the lodge to receive a welcome drink and briefing. Accommodation: Napo Wildlife Centre
  • Day 4 - 5: Two days at the Napo Wildlife Centre
    Spend the next two days at the Napo Wildlife Centre (NWC). Choice and flexibility are key at the lodge but hopefully the following information should give you a good idea of what to expect. Rather than fixed programmes, the guide will design the most suitable schedule to match the groups physical condition and personal interests. Early starts are necessary in order to maximise our wildlife viewing opportunities. NWC has one of the best parrot clay licks in Ecuador, located around one hour from the lodge. We aim to arrive at the lick before the parrot activity kicks off fully at around 7-8am. The lodge also has a 36m-canopy tower, which offers a fantastic insight into the various vertical layers of the jungle and their inhabitants. Spider monkeys frequent the higher canopy searching for fruit and the panoramic view from the top is magnificent, as is the bird viewing. Numerous trails from the lodge offer hikes amongst the primary rainforest and we will head out during the day to learn about the trees and the forest and at night in search of caiman and other nocturnal creatures. Naturally, exploring the lake and creeks by dug-out canoe is a highlight and one of the best ways to see larger animals. Accommodation: Napo Wildlife Centre
  • Day 6: Fly to Quito
    Return to Quito the same way we arrived - paddled canoe down the creek, motorised canoe back up the river to Coca and then a short drive to the airport for the flight to Quito. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 7: Discover Quito at your leisure
    We include a free day in Quito to allow time for any delays coming back from the rainforest. An optional excursion to the cloud forest can be organised for this day at the start of the tour. Accommodation: Hotel Vieja Cuba (or similar)
  • Day 8: Fly to Galapagos; visit Charles Darwin Centre; embarkation
    Transfer to Quito Airport and fly to Baltra in the Galapagos Islands. We take a short ferry crossing to Santa Cruz Island where we drive to the highlands to look for Galapagos giant tortoises. This afternoon visit the Charles Darwin Centre to learn about the ecology of the islands and visit the centre's tortoise hatchery. After this we board our motor yacht at Puerto Ayora, the island's main town. For today's excursion it's a good idea to have access to your camera, sun cream and appropriate clothing: comfortable footwear for some short walks (possibly amongst grass), light clothes, a hat/cap and a light waterproof in case of a shower or mist. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 9: Galapagos Cruise Day 2
    This Galapagos cruise alternates between two itineraries and so for the next seven days your specific itinerary depends on the departure date of the trip (please ask your sales consultant or see the dates & prices section of the website if you're unsure). Itinerary A: Walk on tiny Plazas Island to see a cactus forest, land iguanas and seabirds, then cruise to the white sand beaches of Santa Fe. Itinerary B: A short walk on the small island of Chinese Hat before snorkelling with Sea lions (and penguins if lucky!); on to the dark red beach of Isla Rabida to walk amongst spatter cones, pelicans, Blue-footed and Nazca boobies. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 10: Galapagos Cruise Day 3
    Itinerary A: A day at San Cristobal Island: the white sand beach, Blue-footed boobies and old cone of Cerro Brujo, Galapagos giant tortoise at Galapaguera and crystal clear waters around the striking spear of Kicker Rock. Itinerary B: We start our three days exploring the largest island of Isabela with a walk to the huge 5-mile wide caldera on Sierra Negra volcano. In the afternoon it's possible to visit the Galapagos giant tortoise breeding centre on Isabela island. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 11: Galapagos Cruise Day 4
    Itinerary A: Swim with Sea lions and Marine iguanas at Gardener Bay on Espanola Island. In the afternoon, walk amongst Nazca and Blue-footed boobies and nesting Waved Albatross (in season) next to pounding surf at Punta Suarez. Itinerary B: Cruising round Isabela's west side, we hope to see whales and dolphins. We land at Punta Moreno's swirling fresh lava flows and also explore the islets of Elizabeth Bay with the largest colony of penguins in the Galapagos. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 12: Galapagos Cruise Day 5
    Itinerary A: At Floreana Island snorkel in the spectacular sunken crater of Devil's Crown amongst thousands of fish. Visit the lagoon at Punta Cormorant (often with flamingos) and Post Office Bay, the mailbox used by 18th Century whalers. Itinerary B: In 1954 Urbina Bay was uplifted 4 metres. Walk here amongst exposed coral heads, wandering Galapagos giant tortoises and huge land iguanas. In the afternoon we visit Tagus Cove and Darwin Lake, directly opposite the recently active Fernandina Volcano. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 13: Galapagos Cruise Day 6
    Itinerary A: To Dragon Hill, a nesting site for land iguanas with a large lagoon; dramatic Sullivan Bay with a walk on a huge lava flow only 100 years old before swimming from the white-sand beach in crystal clear waters. Itinerary B: Land at Punta Espinosa on Fernandina in the midst of a huge colony of Marine iguanas; the sea life is very rich here and supports a large Sea lion and Fur seal colony. Cross the straights and explore the cliffs of Punta Vicente Roca on Isabela. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 14: Galapagos Cruise Day 7
    Itinerary A: Less-visited Genovesa Island is home to an abundance of Red-footed boobies, Fur seals, Storm petrels and Short-eared owls. Here, we look for tropicbirds at Prince Philip Steps before snorkelling, whilst at Darwin Bay, Galapagos mockingbirds are usually seen. Itinerary B: Excellent birding on Santiago Island at Puerto Egas followed by an afternoon snorkel and a walk amongst incredible volcanic scenery on Bartolome Island - cones, lava tubes and Pinnacle Rock. Accommodation: Cachalote Explorer
  • Day 15: Fly to Guayaquil; end Guayaquil.
    Itinerary A: Explore the mangroves of Turtle Cove at dawn watching turtles rising for air as herons fish from the trees. Itinerary B: An early morning walk on North Seymour amidst Palo Santo trees and colonies of Blue-footed boobies. Both itineraries: After a late breakfast we disembark for the journey back to Baltra to transfer to the airport and fly back to the mainland. We fly to Guayaquil airport where it's possible to connect with international flights this evening from 6pm onwards. Alternatively, you can extend your stay for a few extra nights. Land only clients may prefer to organise post-tour accommodation for the night in Guayaquil and organise their international flights for the following day in case of delays coming back from the Galapagos.


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The trip destination
— Travel by internal flight, motor yacht, canoe and minibus — Group normally 4 to 16 plus local naturalist guide — 7 nights on board a motor yacht in en suite, air-conditioned cabins, 4 nights comfortable hotel and 3 nights comfortable jungle lodge
All breakfasts, 10 lunches and 10 dinners included. On board meals are plentiful with a wide choice of international and local cuisine. Breakfasts will usually consist of cheese, meats, eggs, cereal, toasts, yoghurts, and fruits. Snacks are provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and for lunches and dinner soup usually precedes the main course. Alcoholic drinks are available on board (approx. US$4 per beer, US$32.50 for a bottle of wine, around US10 for selected cocktails) and the crew request that you do not bring your own alcohol with you. Drinking water, tea, coffee and juice is freely available at no additional charge. At Napo Wildlife Centre, breakfast is a large buffet of cereals, fresh fruit and breads with cheese, eggs and jams. Lunch and dinner are usually three courses and served by a waiter. The lodge has a well-stocked bar. Vegetarians and vegans can be well catered for on this holiday - please do inform us before departure of any special dietary requests so that our local team can be well prepared.

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